Pictures and videos from talks and workshops I've done through the years.
Keynote Speaker at WLGD 23
Workshop in Malmø 2022
Be Loud! – Collaboration. Activism. Experimentation.
In this workshop we actively challenged our own limiting ideas about originality, possessiveness and need to produce. 
We steered away from focusing on product and originality and instead looked at what we can give: How can we better our community, elevate each other and raise the vibration on a societal level.
In this 4 hour workshop we collaborated on creating a campaign under the title “What Capitalism Fucks With”.
Our output was an A2 riso printed poster and a A5 riso printed flyer that was distributed in the center of Malmö.  
Collaboration with Beast Studio and FormDesign Center in Malmö.

We worked together on distilling six main themes.

Each theme was then illustrated by groups of two-three people.

We assembled all the illustrations in a poster with a frame made by Mat.

The riso printed poster in process.

The Poster in the streets of Malmø

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