My artistic practice is multi-faceted, but it's rooted in two main principles:
My work evolves around shadow. I'm interested in all the things we want to keep in the dark. I'm working on outing the shadow on a personal and societal level - through my series of graphic novels, of which the first 'Feral' will be out the summer of 2020, through my podcasts Rules Radio & Shadow Work, and through my ceramic pieces, ie. the series "Pussycats".
The second focus of my artistic practice is community service. I'm bringing the knowledge I've picked up to others who need it, and I help where I can. I'm very inspired by Dr. Tererai, whose mother said "your dreams will have much better meaning when they are tied to the betterment of your community" - this is a fundamental truth to me. I'm working on passing on knowledge in my graphic novel "Feral", through my Podcasts, and through "the rules" - a set of 13 research based guidelines to living a happy creative life and reprogramming society's bs.  
​​​​​​​If you're looking to buy my work, you can find my webshop here.
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Articles and interviews about my work
Magasinet Kunst (Danish)
Nummer 9 (Danish)
Hendes verden (Danish)
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