Jeg arbejder multidiciplinært med fokus på skyggearbejde, grafiske fortællinger,
kontemporær skulptur og performance.

Matilde Digmann (Mat) is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist and author.
Mat’s artistic practice is multi-faceted but rooted in two main principles:
Their work evolves around outing shadow and exposing the things we usually want to keep in the dark, thereby calling out biased structures in society and discrepancies in the dominant morality.
Mat is working on outing shadow (in a Jungian sense) on a personal as well as on a societal level.
The second focus of Mat’s artistic practice is in working towards a betterment of their community - Mat is in service to particularly blocked artists via the podcast Shadow Work Podcast and in pursuit of healing a generation of men and women who have been radicalised by growing up in capitalist patriarchy  - via the graphic novel Pseudo.
Ceramics are sold via instagram – newest pieces in stories. 
If you're looking to buy Mat's other work, you can find their webshop here. 

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