Shadow Work started out as a podcast about how to be an artist.
It was my counter-narrative to the bullshit we’re fed by society about what it means to be an artist. 
It’s my community service and my shadow work.

A lot of (aspiring) artists are blocked and not living out their full potential. I’m putting these honest conversations out there as a resource and as a community service. In season one I’ve had the privilege of talking to the following inspiring human beings:
Meg Lewis, Matt Crabe, Evan Dull, Kevin Sabo, Keya Tama, Theresa Baxter, Elise Esposito, Christoph Kleinstück and Russel Morland. I've talked to them about their process and how they got to be standing where they are now.
Season two and beyond is more of a collection of audiofiles, voice messages and reflections on the artistic process.

Please find updated and new episodes here:

Below is an archive of season one.

S1E1 Meg Lewis

S1E2 Matt Crabe

S1E3 Theresa Baxter

S1E4 Russell Morland - LurkLovesYou

S1E5 Raul Oprea -

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