Shadow Work is a podcast about how to be an artist.
Shadow Work Podcast is my counter narrative to the bullshit we’re fed by society about what it means to be an artist. It’s also my community service to empower my community and it’s my shadow work.
A lot of (aspiring) artists are blocked and not living out their full potential. I’m putting these honest conversations with artists out there as a resource and as a community service - we talk about all that shadowy stuff in order to allow us all to grow beautifully together with less shame and shadow.
In season one I’ve had the privilege of talking to the following inspiring human beings:
Meg Lewis, Matt Crabe, Evan Dull, Kevin Sabo, Keya Tama, Theresa Baxter, Elise Esposito, Christoph Kleinstück and Russel Morland. I've talked to them about their process and how they got to be standing where they are now.
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S1E1 Meg Lewis

S1E2 Matt Crabe

S1E3 Theresa Baxter

S1E4 Russell Morland - LurkLovesYou

S1E5 Raul Oprea -

I started this podcast for two reasons. 
One because I think we need a counter narrative to the one being fed to us by society about what it’s like to be an artist.
We’re constantly told that artist live poor, lonely, miserable lives - that they’re usually addicts, wayward and doomed to live a life in despair in a small cold room in the attic. It’s kept me from pursuing my dreams for a huge chunk of my life, and that’s why I wanna do whatever I can to change that narrative to give us faith that what we’re doing as artists is really just following our souls true calling, that we’re doing gods work and that doing what makes us happy is not spoiled, but is actually bringing joy to others
My second reason for doing this podcast is to create a community - a lot of us don’t have a community of artists around us to reach out to for support and encouragement when we’re struggling - or even someone who can say - you know what: me too when we’re in a seemingly endless rut.
By having open and honest conversations with artists about what it’s really like - about the ups and the downs I hope to bring this sense of community to artists or creatives who need to hear these conversations. I’ll be asking the artist I interview how they overcome their blocks, how have they raised their self worth to stand up to a lot of the programming from society and just say this is what I wanna do no matter the consequences.
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