From 2016-2018 I painted more than 200 murals all over the world. This is a small portion of them.​​​​​​
​​​​​​​The last mural is a result of an Open Call from Amager Bio and Tuborg. The Jury wrote:

"We are incredibly pleased that there were 200 suggestions, of which the vast majority had a very high artistic level. We are also pleased that in addition to a very strong Danish representation, suggestions from artists in different parts of the world also came. Finally, we are pleased that the proposals were very different and made the jury work both difficult and exciting.
Due to the high level, the jury has chosen to meet several times, to spend the necessary time on a review, discussion, assessment and assessment. The jury therefore initially selected 51 works, of which 6 works went on to another round, after which one finally chose a winner.
The jury has based its criteria on:
The ability to work site-specific with a gable that has to play up to the neighborhood.
The ability to think new, show courage and create awareness.
The work has music as a theme - more or less abstract.
The applicant's former artistic work.

It is on the basis of an overall assessment of the various criteria that the winner has been found."

In the spring of 2019 I spent 8 days painting this 150 m2 piece on the gable. 
The original sketch for the piece
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