I did the logo, illustration & visuel identity for the organisation ELSK. Elsk needed a poster for an event (An urban safari) to put focus on the lack of afordable housing in Copenhagen. The illustrations mix different characteristic Copenhagen landmarks with wild animals (i.e. a lion) to illustrate the urban safari theme.
Logo design
ELSK means "Love" in Danish, so I wated to sjhape the letters into a heart.
Below is the finished logo, followed by a few sketches.
I always start by hand and them move to illustrator for the final adjustments.
The final logo in black. I vectorized my hand drawn outline and worked on perfecting the shapes in illustrator.
Logo sketches. ELSK means "Love" in danish, so I wanted to shape the letters as a heart.
Another logo sketch with a different heart shape and a small "E".
For the typography that was to accompany the logo and the illustrations, I wanted something friendly and round, but not too "young".
I ended up choosing Dosis, a pretty versatile rounded font.
The font "Dosis" in different weights, sizes and colors.
I chose a dusty pastel pallet for the primary colors, and some more vivid pinks and greenish yellows to contrast as secondary colors. I used the secondary colors on the animals, to make them stand out more.
Poster, flyer & Facebook elements
I did a poster and a flyer for the event, as well as some elements for Facebook.
Poster with the logo, use of color and texture coming together. The typography on the poster is hand made.
Facebook cover image.
Logo and cover in use on Facebook.
Front of the flyer.
Back of the flyer with use of typography, colors and the logo.
Ink outline for the different Copenhagen buildings used in the poster and in the Facebook elements.
Ink outline of the gazelle and a few early logo sketches.
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