Spring program
The Danish cultural institution "Kultur Valby" asked me to design their spring program - a 36 page publication, that is distributed to approx. 25.000 inhabitants of Valby municipality. 
The main point of the program is to inspire the people of Valby to use the many cultural events available to them. This year, the main theme was "water", a theme that flows through the entire program in the illustrations and graphic elements.
Each spread illustrates a chain of events within the overall water-theme. The client wanted to show a cross over between reality and the unreal - based upon this, I developed a series of illustrations that combine drawing and photography.
There is quite a lot of written information on each spread, so it was important for me to develop an information architecture that would be easily understood by the reader. i did this using several levels in the text, repetitions of important points, and icons to quickly let the reader determine the place, time, price of a certain event.
Cover - detail.
Intro. The water drop shape, used throught the program, is repeated in a pattern on the left page.
Detail - icons help the reader quickly decifre vital information about each event.
Spread about the main theme - water.
Spread about Winter - and stories from the deepest forests.
Detail - the overall theme is "water", which runs through the program - i.e. in the page numbering.
Spread about "health".
Illustration for the Health theme.
Original photo for the Health-theme illustration.
Spread about litterature.
Illustration/photomontage for the theme Litterature.
Spread about Theatre.
Detail. I use small pointers to make sure the reader connects the right image to the right text.
Detail. The black banner is used throught to mark the different themes.
Calender pages with list of all the events. Here, the water drop pattern is repeated in a green-yellow-blue gradient.
Back of the program with a commercial for the new 3D workshop.
The program and some of the users.
Backdrop for www.kulturvalby.dk with a combination of all the program's different illustrations.
Thanks for watching!
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