DSF Kommunalvalg // Visuel identitet

A visual campaign identity for DSF - the goal was to get more young people to vote. And it worked!

Making a visual identity for DSF - in a campaign to get more young people to vote, I started out very lo-fi with some ink and a brush, to make the right X, and the right ink splatter.
The X would then form the background of the logo, which was glued together with a "young" yet serious choice of type (Helvetica + handwritten + Archer) using colour and ink splatters as a general branding element.
Playing with ink effects.
Branding chart for the client - including different backgrounds and uses of the colors, the X and the typography.
The look versioned for web.
There was lots of merchandice in this project, and the green X served well as a signifyer.
The look versioned for flyers.
A3 posters.
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